Winter Tips!

WINTER WEATHER TIPS With the weather we have had lately we want to ensure you have a few tips to help prevent pipes from freezing and to keep your home toasty warm for the season. In order to avoid frozen pipes which can lead to burst pipes and damage to your home and personal property, we ask that you follow a few simple steps: • Please never turn your heat off, even when on vacation. Heat...

Time to Update your Contact Information!

Stay Connected with Fort Bliss Family Homes! In the coming weeks, our team will be contacting residents to update resident files. If your family had a recent change in phone numbers or e-mail addresses, please take a moment and let us know by private message to the Facebook page, or by emailing us at

Renters Insurance Update

January 26, 2015 Dear Resident: As part of the 2015 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) program, the Department of Defense has eliminated all funding for renters insurance. With this change in funding, Balfour Beatty Communities, as the property manager for your community, would like to inform you that the landlord (as identified in your lease agreement) is no longer required to and will need...

Renters Insurance FAQs